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Information for passengers with special needs

  • Passengers with a disability are entitled to a special discount.
  • Check the special needs box, and you will be able to request special assistance at the end of the booking.

Information for passengers travelling with a wheelchair

  • Each train is equipped with 2 special seats with wheelchair bay available.
  • If you are more than 3 people using a wheelchair, or there aren't enough wheelchair seats, you can travel using the regular seats and the staff will help you.
  • Please note that the wheelchair bay is located on the business coach, and all the passengers in the booking must travel in the same class. If the rest of the passengers want to travel in economy class, you must make 2 separate bookings, one for the wheelchair passenger, and one for the rest of passengers.
  • Please check the measurements of your chair, to make sure it fits on the wheelchair bay:
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