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Guests with special needs seating

Guests with special needs seating

HHR staff ensures that convenient travel is provided for all passengers with special needs. Therefore, additional assistance services such as wheelchairs, which facilitate their movement throughout the station in order to board the train easily, are provided.


HHR special needs’ ticket conditions are as below:

  • Passengers with special needs get a 50% discount on ticket price
  • The companion of special needs passenger is eligible to receive the same 50% discount on ticket price
  • The traveler must be carrying an official ID card to receive the discount, the card must be available while booking and boarding the train. The discount applies only to the identification of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
  • Special needs’ companions must be on the same trip and are not allowed to travel on a different route
  • The discount is allowed for only one companion
  • In case of being unable to submit the ID before boarding the train, the passenger will be asked to return and buy a regular ticket. If the passenger is on the train during the trip, the passenger will be required to pay the full ticket price
  • A disabled person's ID card is an official form of personal identification and the original must be presented upon request, any copy will NOT be accepted

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